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Quote from Frankie in Crushed

Frankie: I had a real epiphany tonight at the pizza place.
Mike: Oh, no.
Frankie: Seriously. There I was, picking up our one-millionth pizza, and I ran into this whole group of families from Brick's class... the Murphys, the Gelfands, the Trouts. And they were all playing pinball and singing songs and really having a good time.
Mike: I literally don't know who any of those people are.
Frankie: Exactly, and the worst part was they didn't even feel awkward about it 'cause it didn't even occur to them to invite us. Yeah. We're not even on their radar.
Mike: That's great! We should be celebrating. We're finally off the grid.
Frankie: I don't want to be off the grid. Do you remember when Axl was in high school and there was that whole group of people we used to hang out with? And we'd go to football games and dinner. We don't do any of that stuff Brick's friends. And now all those people in his class are connected and we're sitting here with our sad slices of pizza, arguing about who gets the big TV.
Mike: [groans] I should've picked up the pizza.
Frankie: No, Mike. Listen, if I make more of an effort and reach out to some of these people, will you at least come along?
Mike: Hmm. Can I take my pizza and eat in front of the big TV right now?
Frankie: Yes.
Mike: Done.

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