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Quote from Frankie in A Very Donahue Vacation

Frankie: I think that's why Sean responds so well to me... 'cause I'm relaxed and Nancy kind of smothers him. Yeah, she's a smotherer. I mean, I'm just very "chill"... Sean's word, not mine. Are you even listening to me?
Mike: Sorry, I was right next to the cannon, and I can't really hear you. You should've seen this thing, Frankie.
Frankie: Mike, I'm not done telling you how I'm a better parent than Nancy. See, I've always said that she's very relentless, and Sean feels choked 'cause she's a choker. See, some people have an innate sense of what a kid needs, and others have this agenda. I mean, I'm not saying I'm right and she's wrong, but whose kid's a hippie and whose kid has an internship at Little Betty? Yeah, sure, Nancy's garage is organized, but she's destroying her children. [Frankie notices Shelly Donahue stood behind her]

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