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Quote from Nancy Donahue in Valentine's Day VI

Frankie: [v.o.] Out here in the middle, if you go out of town, your neighbors look out for you. They'll bring in your mail, water your plants, and sometimes they even take care of your dead aunt's emphysemic old dog.
Nancy: Oh, she was no problem at all.
Frankie: Oh, wow! Where's the wagon? And the oxygen tank?
Nancy: You know what? After a few days, she just perked right up. And we weaned her off all the pills. You just needed to regenerate lung tissue, didn't you? Oh, yes, you did!
Frankie: And the diaper?
Nancy: Yeah, she hasn't had any accidents.
Frankie: But we could still use it when we want to sleep in, right?
Nancy: I guess. Oh, and we've been feeding her only chicken and rice. I figured you wouldn't get to make any till tomorrow, so here's some to give her for dinner.
Frankie: Wow. She looks so young and vibrant. Maybe I should stay with you for a few days. [both laugh] Okay, Doris, you ready to come home?

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