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Quote from Sue in Heck on a Hard Body

Sue: Oh. I'm in training, too. Ehlert Motors is having a "Hands On A Hard Body" contest this weekend. The last person with their hand on the car wins it. Can you possibly think of a more perfect contest for me? I mean, who has more practice standing than me? I mean, I stand off to the side at dances, in gym waiting to be picked. I stand through half my classes because there aren't enough desks due to budget cuts. We're supposed to trade off, but nobody does. [chuckles] I'm gonna win myself a car!
Mike: All right, I got to get to work. We'll pick this up tonight, Brick.
Sue: Yikes, I should get to school. [removes hand from wall] Oh! Shoot. Rookie mistake. Glad I got it out of the way now. I mean, a mistake could happen like that! [removes hand from wall to snap fingers] Oh, shoot. I did it again.
Mike: Okay, see you later.
Sue: [waves] Bye, Dad. Oh, seriously?!

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