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Quote from Frankie in The Carpool

Frankie: [v.o.] Yeah, carpool got off to a bit of a rocky start, but soon we fell into a rhythm. Nancy was the delicious carpool.
Nancy: I hope everyone likes fresh-baked chocolate-chip muffins... and Madagascar 3!
Frankie: [v.o.] Bill was the fun carpool.
Big Mike: Stoplight! You know what that means time for Stoplight car-dance! [all dance as Fat Man AKA The Human Race by Harvey Summers plays on the radio]
Frankie: [v.o.] And I was, well...
Dotty: We're late. I've never, ever been late in my life!
Frankie: You don't know that, Dotty. We're not there yet.
Brick: Mom, you forgot my lunch.
Frankie: Oh, crap! Okay, not a problem. We'll build a lunch. Everybody, get ready. I'm hitting the brakes. So, how'd we do?
Dotty: I found a French fry.
Brick: Ooh. Cough drop.
Ella: Your car is filthy.
Frankie: Yes, well, if I had cleaned it, Brick wouldn't have a lunch, now, would he, Ella?
Brick: I found an orange and half a granola bar. Sweet.
Dotty: We're gonna be late! It's 7:56!
Frankie: Relax, Dotty. We're gonna be fine. Everybody hang on to Dotty's seat belt. It's the only good one.

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