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Quote from Frankie in The Christmas Tree

Frankie: Ooh, where did you get the new book light?
Brick: From school. This is the prize you get for selling 20 rolls of wrapping paper.
Frankie: You sold 20 rolls of wrapping paper?
Brick: That I did not do, but I'm not worried 'cause they said I don't need to give them any money till January.
Frankie: Wait a minute. The snowman wrapping paper in my closet that I convinced myself I bought in February 'cause I wish I was more organized than I actually am?
Brick: That would be it.
Frankie: Brick, I wrapped all our presents in that.
Brick: Oh, that'll be $97, and if you wouldn't mind saying your sales rep was courteous and professional.
Frankie: Yeah, there's no way I'm paying $97 for wrapping paper. You're just gonna have to unwrap it and get it all back on the roll.
Brick: But won't I see my presents?
Frankie: Yeah, they're not that great.

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