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Quote from Frankie in Valentine's Day III

Paula: So you and Mike doing anything special for Valentine's Day?
Frankie: Nah, we talked about it, but let's face it... It's not like going out with our husbands is that much fun anyway. It's just staring at 'em in a different location. [both laugh] You know, Valentine's would be a lot more fun if you could go out with your friends.
Paula: Well, who says we can't?
Nancy: I just got a coupon in the mail for the Fountain Room.
Paula: That place with the room with the fountain?
Nancy: Mm-hmm. They're having this amazing Valentine's Special. You get an appetizer, choice of meat, soup, salad, endless bread bowl, pie, and coffee, for $9.99.
Frankie: You know what? Let's do it. Let's all go to the fountain room together.
Paula: Without the guys?
Frankie: No, we should probably bring 'em, but this way, we'll have each other to talk to. [all laugh]
[A salesclerk walks by and gives Frankie evils for eating the candy]
Frankie: Relax. We're gonna buy it. He must be new.

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