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Quote from Sue in Super Sunday

Sue: Got our ribbons. Look! "8th place" and "participant"! Two ribbons for the bulletin board. [squeals]
Brad: Sue, there were only eight couples. How can you be happy about this? We lost.
Sue: I guess I'm used to it.
Brad: [sighs] I really wanted to win.
Sue: Brad, think about it. Do you really want to peak in eighth grade? There's nowhere to go but down. But 'cause we're building character now, we can peak when we're 30, when we have the money and clear skin to enjoy it. We are gonna be the most awesome adults.
Brad: I almost feel sorry for the winners.
Sue: We did it, Brad. We participated. We got ribbons. We got our names in the programs. They listed me as "Sue Hick," but I know it's me. And now we get to go to the pie house... In our costumes.

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