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Quote from Mike in Thanksgiving II

Frankie: Mike, your dad is dragging himself around on his belly. Your brother's living in a tent. They might not see the problem, but there is one. You've gotta figure something out.
Mike: [sighs] Well, I guess what would make the most sense is for Rusty to move in with Dad for a while.
Frankie: That's great. Now if there was only a way to transmit ideas from one person to another.
Mike: I'm not gonna tell 'em what to do, Frankie. They're grown men. I don't want to be a bother.
Frankie: Oh, no. Mike. Mike, stay with me. Resist the pull of history, Mike. Do not be swept down that river with them. You have to be the sane one.
Mike: Fine. We'll get into it... At the half.

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