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Quote from Mike in Halloween

Frankie: Aah! Why don't you get it? I just want to have a good time.
Mike: Who's stopping you? Go! Have fun.
Frankie: I wanna have fun with you, Mike! You should be happy. 17 years. I still want to have fun with you. [Mike walks onto a lawn]
Frankie: Wh-what are you doing?
Mike: Nothin'. [takes out a roll of toilet paper] Just havin' fun. [throws toilet paper]
Frankie: [gasps] Mike! This is the Donahues' yard. They're our friends!
Mike: Yeah, I know. They're also sort of annoying. That's what makes this fun. Are you fun or not?
Frankie: But they're home! So we have to be quick.
Mike: I'll get the tree. You get the bushes.
Frankie: Give me another one.

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