Judge Quote #29

Quote from Judge in You've Changed, Man

Janet & Judge: [sing] You can ring my bell Ring my bell
Judge: Whoo. Wait a second. What was I doing?
Janet: I'll tell you what you were doing. You were tearing up the dance floor.
Judge: No, I was looking for the stupid clicker thingy. God, those infectious disco grooves.
Janet: So wait, wait, wait, wait. We have this amazing new idea, and Shawn is almost on board. Maybe if you talk to him, you could nudge him towards an agreement.
Judge: I don't take sides. I am the Judge. My only concerns are fairness and impartiality. [sing to the tune of "Ring My Bell"] Gonna erase the Earth Erase the Earth. [talks] That song is really my yam. [into a microphone] Humanity eraser thingy. [buzzer sounds]
[The Judge and Janet leave Disco Janet's void]
Judge: Well, later, skater.
Disco Janet: Keep on truckin'.


 ‘You've Changed, Man’ Quotes

Quote from Jason

Jason: Tell me about it. I once went to jail for a week just because I stole a hot dog. Well, a hot-dog-shaped car. I stole the Wienermobile.

Quote from Tahani

Eleanor: Now all we have to do is convince Shawn.
Tahani: I'll take the lead. If I can convince Dr. Ruth not to sue Bruno Mars over songwriting credit on "Uptown Funk," I can handle this.
Eleanor: Okay, you gotta tell me that story on the way.

Quote from Judge

Judge: Ugh. All Janet voids are nothing, but Neutral Janet voids are, like, the most nothing.
Janet: Judge, please, please don't cancel Earth.
Judge: Why not? The system's broken. You guys proved it. I just want to reboot the whole thing, and go back to my chambers. I am on season three of Justified, and can I just tell you, it is so good. I, like, binged all of season two in a day.
Janet: Think of all the amazing human achievement you'd be eliminating. The works of William Shakespeare. The Pyramids. Timothy Olyphant.
Judge: Ooh, that one stings. There's, like, 50 gallons of man in a 10-gallon hat. I'm, like, oh! Look, I'm the freaking Judge, and I made a freaking ruling, and it's gonna freaking happen, soon as I find the freaking clicker thing. All right, what do I search for? "Humanity eraser button garage door opener thingy Judge." [groans]