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Quote from Chidi in Best Self

Chidi: Okay, here's the thing. That balloon wants us to be the best version of ourselves. But for the four of us, that's not just a metaphor. There have literally been 802 different versions of us. And how do I know that this version is the best version of myself? How do I know it's not version #85, or 322, or 558?
Jason: Or 69, or 420? [Jason and Eleanor slap palms]
Chidi: And then you get into the whole idea of consciousness. And I mean just forget about best. And what version of Chidi is even real?
Tahani: What happens here? Does he eventually tire himself out?
Eleanor: Usually, but this one seems to be getting stronger as he goes on.
Chidi: ... And this Chidi is an imposter!
Eleanor: Okay. This is pretty simple, bud. You've been our teacher this whole time. And we are much better because of you. If we're the best versions of ourselves, which that balloon just proved, then you definitely are.
Chidi: So in a way, it doesn't matter if I was better in version 492 or whatever, because the best version of me is just as much about my effect on the world around me as it is about my own egocentric self-image. I really meant that much to you guys?
Eleanor: Of course you did. Now let's get you back on that scale, dorkus.

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