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Quote from John in Chillaxing

John: So Natalie Portman does all of Scarlett Johansson's stunts? Why?
Tahani: For the power. Just to say she can.
John: [scoffs] Sure, I get that. [chuckles] Tahani, I feel amazing.
Tahani: Thank you. You're quite welcome! Hey, you know what would give you an even more luminous glow? There was this sort of inner treatment that was all the rage on Earth, the study of ethics. Think of it as a colonic, but for your soul! Our resident philosopher Chidi Anagonye leads an ethics study group in his apartment. What do you say you and I sit in?
John: Would I like to use my time in heaven to audit a philosophy class? Um... no. You stay crazy, girl! Bye.

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