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Quote from Jason in Jason Mendoza

Eleanor: Okay, I need to make sure that this isn't some sort of weird trap. Is your real name Jianyu?
Jason: No. It's Jason Mendoza. And by the way, everyone here thinks I'm Taiwanese. I'm Filipino. That's racist. Heaven is so racist.
Eleanor: But Tahani said that you helped Michael by putting your hand on his chest and doing some sort of healing magic.
Jason: Yeah. A nurse did that to calm me down once when I crashed my Jet Ski into a manatee.
Eleanor: You crashed your Jet Ski into a manatee?
Jason: Yeah. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida. It happens a lot.
Eleanor: What did you do for a living?
Jason: I was an amateur DJ specializing in EDM. [off Eleanor's look] Electronic dance music. I was also an amateur hip-hop backup dancer, an amateur body spray inventor... um, I did pranks on Vine.
Eleanor: None of those are jobs. What did you do to make money?
Jason: Oh, I sold fake drugs to college kids.

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