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Quote from Jason in Jason Mendoza

Eleanor: Hang on, hang on. You're not supposed to be here either? You're a mistake, just like me?
Jason: Yeah, and I'm freaking out, dog. There's so much thoughts in my brain, it's like my head is filled with rocks.
Eleanor: How have you managed to stay undiscovered? Because I have had to dodge and weave and barely escape with my life, and you don't seem... Like a super genius.
Michael: Hello, Jianyu. I'm Michael. Before we start, I know you were a Buddhist monk and kept a vow of silence. Would you prefer to remain silent here as well? [Jianyu nods]
Eleanor: You literally haven't said a word since we got here?
Jason: Yeah. When I say I'm meditating, I'm just trying to figure out what the fork is happening. I think we might be in an alien zoo or on a prank show.
Eleanor: No, Jianyu, we're dead.
Jason: Whoa, that's a dope prank. Pfff. Got to give it up.

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