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Quote from Blanche in The Heart Attack

Rose: My grandparents lived till their 90s. One was 102.
Blanche: In Minnesota.
Rose: So?
Blanche: Rose, you know how they freeze dead people to preserve them and then bring them back? That's like living in Minnesota. The cold slows down the aging process. I would move there in a shot if only they had men there.
Rose: We have men in Minnesota.
Blanche: Farmers, Rose. Farmers.


 ‘The Heart Attack’ Quotes

Quote from Blanche

Rose: This is a very depressing conversation.
Blanche: Well, I want a fancy funeral. I want a big parade with a riderless horse. And I want to lie in state, and then be buried in Arlington Cemetery.
Rose: Why Arlington Cemetery?
Blanche: Because it's full of men.
Rose: But they're all dead.
Blanche: So are the men I date.

Quote from Rose

Sophia: You're Scandinavian. What do you know, a thousand ways to make herring?
Rose: Well, not a thousand, but a lot, and I'm famous for my Lindstrom surprise.
Blanche: What in the world is that?
Sophia: Herring pie. The surprise is, you think it's pie, like apple, but when you bite into it, it's herring!
Dorothy: Oh, what fun!
Rose: It was. My cat was named Lindstrom. I used to make it for him on his birthday and other holidays.
Blanche: Wait, your last name was Lindstrom. You named your cat Lindstrom Lindstrom?
Rose: Yes, it was less confusing for him.

Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: You know, I knew someone who went to this fabulous restaurant in Paris and just had watercress for lunch because, you know, she didn't want to gain weight. And then after lunch, she walked out of the restaurant and a gargoyle fell off the building, hit her on the head, and killed her.
Blanche: Oh, no.
Dorothy: I mean, look at what her last meal was.
Blanche: That is tragic, just tragic. Here, honey, dig in.
Dorothy: 'Course, it will be just my luck. I'll eat, I'll gain 40 pounds, and live to be 90.
Rose: Me, too. I'm healthy as a horse. Unfortunately, I'll wind up looking like one.
Blanche: You know, all it takes is one little dessert and my panties cut off my circulation.
Dorothy: I pass.
Rose: Me, too.
Blanche: I'm not touching that.
Dorothy: I mean, I put on 12 pounds just from dinner alone.
Blanche: Let's go for a walk.
Rose: Right, burn it off.
Dorothy: Are you kidding? After what we ate, we'd have to walk to Canada.
Blanche: Oh, Mounties. I love Canadian men!