Sophia Quote #1954

Quote from Sophia in The Monkey Show

Dorothy: Ma, the weather report said nothing about a hurricane.
Sophia: Ida Pearlberg down at the senior center woke up this morning with a leg cramp. Need I say more?
Dorothy: Yes.
Sophia: Dorothy, when you get around my age, two things happen. One, you get more intuitive about the weather. And two, corn becomes your enemy.


 ‘The Monkey Show’ Quotes

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Ma, what are you doing?
Sophia: Filling sandbags, Dorothy. There's a hurricane a-coming.
Dorothy: "A-coming"?
Sophia: That's right. People only use the "A" when a really big storm is a-coming or a-brewing. So grab a sack and start a-shoveling.

Quote from Rose

Blanche: Oh, you're back from your session early. Was it as cathartic as you thought?
Dorothy: Well, I don't know if "cathartic" is the word.
Rose: You should do what I do. I find if I repeat a word that's confused me, I look smarter than I really am. Like, "Was it cathartic?" "Oh, I've had a catharticism." "Of course, I'm not the type to kiss and cathartirize."

Quote from Rose

Dorothy: Look, I'm sorry if I seemed insensitive, but in every relationship there are always times when you don't wanna be with each other. I mean, Stan and I went through a period where we had no marital relations at all. I totally cut off his sex.
Rose: You mean it grows back?
Dorothy: Yes, Rose. He's a lizard. I mean, we stopped having sex.