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Quote from Blanche in If at Last You Do Succeed

Blanche: Rose Nylund, what is that giant velvet painting of dogs playing poker doing out on my front lawn?
Rose: Intriguing passersby, if I know my art lovers.
Blanche: And the clothes and the trunk and the boxes? You're not havin' a yard sale, are you?
Rose: What's wrong with that?
Blanche: Are you kidding? I don't want to have to deal with four hundred people in Simpsons T-shirts trying to knock 25 cents off your "I lost my ass in Vegas" cup.


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Quote from Rose

Rose: That's a St. Olaf war bond. Charlie bought us those in '42. I didn't realize I still had those.
Blanche: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that St. Olaf printed its own war bonds?
Rose: Yes. Oh, we were very patriotic. In late '42, we wanted to fund the development of a top-secret weapon that we were sure would end the war. Attack cows.
Blanche: Take me now, Lord.
Rose: No one expects trouble from a cow. The plan was, we would drop these highly trained killer cows behind the enemy lines. It wasn't till they were airborne that we realized a cow can't pull a rip cord. Well, the project wasn't a total failure. If there's one thing the Germans hate, it's a mess.

Quote from Rose

Rose: I know what it's like to trust somebody who's betrayed you. You're not gonna believe this, but I have a St. Olaf story about this.
Dorothy: I believe you. I just hate you.
Rose: Well, Gunilla Bjorndunker, St. Olaf's tallest woman - of course, nobody ever made fun of her for that. Anyway, when Old Space Needle was in high school she drank some cherry herring and made love in the backseat of a Fjord Fjairlane. Local car. And she got in trouble, if you know what I mean, Dorothy. Knukendup und schvingle.
Sophia: She knows what you mean.
Rose: Anyway, her boyfriend, Yutz Hernsberg, St. Olaf's only bald high school student, had to marry her.
Blanche: But why would she marry a guy like that?
Dorothy: Because I was young. I- I'm sorry- I'm sorry, Rose. This is your story. Go- Go on. Go on.
Rose: Well, anyway, after 38 years of marriage and a painful divorce, he finally came back, having invented Hernsberg's Press-on Warts.
Dorothy: Who bought those?
Rose: Hags, mostly. Don't you see? He was successful and he wanted Gunilla back.
Dorothy: Well, what happened to her, Rose?
Rose: Skylab fell on her.
Dorothy: What is the point of this story?!
Rose: Be thankful for your health.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: Here, Pussycat, taste this.
Dorothy: Ooh! Ma! [groans]
Sophia: "Bring to a near boil." Perfect.
Dorothy: Ma, I could've burned my lips! What are you doing?
Sophia: My eyesight is going, so I like a prank I can hear.