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Quote from Sophia in The Impotence of Being Ernest

Sophia: I hoped I could spare you this, Dorothy, but it's best you know what's going on. It's about Sonny Venuchio as in the famous Venuchio vendetta.
Dorothy: I never heard of that.
Sophia: Who asked you? This is a speech, not a quiz. It began when your great-grandfather, Nicodemo, was run down by Marco Venuchio's milk wagon.
Blanche: He ran him down in cold blood?
Sophia: Very cold. Grandpa was already dead. Unfortunately, there was a gravediggers' strike, so the family was using him as a temporary scarecrow. The high winds tipped him over and Marco used him as a speed bump.
Blanche: But, Sophia, if it wasn't Marco's fault-
Sophia: It doesn't have to be his fault. It's a vendetta, not The People's Court. Anyway, there's only one Venuchio alive today. Sonny. That feather from Vito meant he's somewhere down here in Miami, so now it's up to me to take care of him.
Dorothy: Oh, Ma. Do you really expect us to believe that you're gonna go through with this?
Sophia: Believe what you want, Dorothy. Sicilians take these things very seriously. You know what might happen if I didn't do my duty?
Blanche: What?
Sophia: Free swimming lessons with a cement kickboard.

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