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Quote from Dorothy in Second Motherhood

Plumber: I wouldn't bother getting another estimate. For that bathroom repair, that's the lowest you'll see.
Dorothy: Are you kidding? This is the highest I've seen.
Rose: $3,000!
Plumber: Hey, ladies, hire whoever you like, but I'm an expert. I can take a toilet apart blindfolded.
Dorothy: Now there's a dying art. What's your point?
Plumber: The point is, a lot of things can go wrong. Wood rot, loose plaster, cracked pipes.
Dorothy: Crooked plumbers.
Plumber: Lady, what are you trying to say?
Dorothy: Get out.
Plumber: All right. All right. I guess you ladies are going into your feminist phase a little late in life. Oh, I'll go. You'll call me back. You know why? Because as we say in the plumbing game- [Dorothy slams the door]

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