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Quote from Blanche in Ebbtide's Revenge

Dorothy: I wonder who they are?
Blanche: You mean you don't know them?
Dorothy: No.
Blanche: Now this is awful.
Dorothy: What? What's awful?
Blanche: Well, isn't it obvious? Veiled, shapely creatures, unknown to the family, coming to say one last secret goodbye to their special friend.
Dorothy: You mean?
Blanche: That's right. Sluts.
Angela: I can't believe they came all the way from Newark.
Dorothy: You know them?
Angela: Phil tried to keep them a secret, but I knew he was spending his Thursday nights with them.
Blanche: Oh, I know it's hard, but try not to hate 'em, my dear. They're just lonely creatures who reached out to another person for a little warmth.
Angela: These are the guys from Phil's poker game.
Blanche: This is too funny. I have to get my camera from the car.

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