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Quote from Blanche in The Triangle

Dorothy: You're used to getting all the attention, and someone comes along and wants me and not you and it is eating your guts out.
Blanche: Eating my guts out?
Dorothy: You know something? You could never be a real friend to another woman, and you know why?
Blanche: Why?
Dorothy: Because you're a slut!
Blanche: A slut?!
Dorothy: Don't repeat everything I say.
Blanche: Don't repeat everything you say? I'm not!
Dorothy: You just did.
Blanche: Nothing you say's worth repeatin'.
Dorothy: You, Blanche, are an amoral, backstabbing, self-centered Jezebel, and I am very glad that this happened because now I know really what kind of person you are.
Blanche: The hell with you and your oversexed boyfriend, Dorothy Zbornak! I'm just glad that little Mei-Ling's coming-out party was ruined.
Dorothy: Who?
Blanche: And I'm glad that Elliot is bonging every woman at your country club!
Dorothy: What the hell are you talking about?
Blanche: Ask the towel lady!

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