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Quote from Adam in Snow Day

Murray: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you two get into my four-quadrant popcorn tin?
Barry: Relax. We were just sniffing it.
Murray: Stand up and show me your fingers. If I see any cheese dust, you're both grounded.
Adam: Dust-free. You happy?
Barry: Dude, you're unbelievable. Popcorn is the snack of the people.
Murray: No. It's a snack for dads only. I get one tin a year from my armoire dealer in Cincinnati. It's the only thing that gets me through the season.
Adam: There are so many sad things in that sentence, but I honestly think the winner is "Cincinnati."


 ‘Snow Day’ Quotes

Quote from Murray

Barry: You chilly? I sure am. Might as well just crank up this bad boy.
Murray: Hey, you know no one touches that thermostat. It stays locked in at a comfortable 63 degrees, no higher!
Barry: 87 temperature of the rich.
Murray: 87 degrees? What do you think this is, the sun?

Quote from Adam

Adam: This must be what the other Adam Goldberg in school feels like all the time. He's a loose cannon and lives on his own terms.

Quote from Murray

Murray: And no monkeying around out there when you're done. This weather is treacherous.
Adam: Oh, here we go. Another lecture on the dangers of cold weather.
Murray: I'm serious. It's not safe out there. You got frostbite, avalanches, and deadly icicles.
Barry: Icicles aren't deadly. They're refreshing and delicious.
Murray: They're knives that can fall from the sky at any moment. Sky knives! They kill a billion people a year.
Adam: That seems high.