Adam Quote #21

Quote from Adam in The Ring

Pops: I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here, but I gotta say, this looks weird.
Adam: It's not weird. I'm just filming a girl I like. To play the tape back later to practice talking to her.
Pops: Oh boy.
Adam: It's weird.


 ‘The Ring’ Quotes

Quote from Barry

Barry: Pfft. Why are you asking Pops for help when you got all the resources you need right here?
Adam: You don't know anything about girls.
Barry: I know a ton. I've got a super hot girlfriend.
Adam: Yeah, from Canada that no one's ever seen.
Barry: 'Cause I met her at camp, ya sausage gobbler!

Quote from Barry

Barry: Think you can help me out with some girl stuff?
Pops: What happened to Miss Canada?
Barry: Long distance. It's killing us. We never talk, and when we do, we fight.
Pops: She's not real.

Quote from Barry

Erica: Really? 'Cause I thought you were in the large-chested girl bunk.
Barry: Original.