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Quote from Geoff in Two-Timing Goldbergs

Geoff: Hanky-panky!
Erica: What?
Geoff: An illicit entanglement is brewing between Barry and Lainey!
Erica: No way. I know Lainey, and she would never make that mistake again. For the third time.
Geoff: I don't know, whenever Lainey's around, Barry gets all weird.
Erica: He's Barry. Weird is his natural state. Plus, he's over Lainey.
Geoff: I just don't see Barry ever fully moving on.
Erica: Where is all this coming from?
Geoff: Okay, one, Barry is on record saying that jean shorts are the uniform of "half-men." Two, Barry would never go to Matt Bradley for advice about anything, and three, Matt Bradley is out of town!
Erica: Even if Barry was dumb enough to go back down that road, there is no way that Lainey would. If she was even thinking about it, she'd tell me. I'm her best friend!
Geoff: Maybe. But there are two words she hasn't shared with you... hanky-panky.

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