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Quote from Erica in Tennis People

Virginia Kremp: I'm so glad you two like it. It's gonna be a very special day.
Beverly: Oh, you mean a special life. I'm joining this [bleep].
Virginia Kremp: Uh, what?
Beverly: I mean, can't you just picture me lounging around in my tennis whites, sharing a genteel laugh with other members about the poor commoners on the other side of the club wall? [Virginia chuckles] "More pickle water?", "Yes, please."
Virginia Kremp: You actually can't just join. You have to be admitted. There is an application process, interviews...
Erica: Mom, if you become a member, can I have two showers? One that you host and one that Ginzy hosts?
Beverly: Of course you can. We're tennis people now. We do whatever we want.
Erica: Okay, I'm gonna call Gimbels and tell them to add electronics, auto parts, and anything made of fur to the registry.

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