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Quote from Adam in Who's Afraid of Brea Bee?

Adult Adam: [v.o.] While my mom worked behind the scenes to save Geoff and Erica, Brea was about to take center stage.
Adam: Welcome to the court where I play my sport. [inhales deeply] The sport of theater.
Brea: The lights are so bright. I'm sweating. Are you sweating?
Adam: Just think of this stage as a volleyball court.
Brea: I did win a district championship with 100 people watching. The coach told me to imagine them all naked. I knew what he meant, but he still got fired.
Adam: It's kind of the same. The only difference is instead of slapping a ball, you're mining your deepest pain to explore the contradiction of the human experience. Dave Kim, you getting this?
Dave Kim: "Pretentious, pretentious, volleyball." Got it.
Adam: He's writing a piece on me for the school paper. Lead in the play, inspiration to others. It writes itself.
Dave Kim: How's this for a headline? "Adam Goldberg: Star in the Making."
Adam: I like it, but it kind of says I'm not a star yet.
Dave Kim: How about, "Adam Goldberg: A Star That Was Already Made"?
Adam: You got there yourself.

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