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Quote from Barry in This is This is Spinal Tap

Barry: Come on, Erica! Just let me rock The Spectrum with you. This is my dream.
Erica: Oh, my God. You have so many stupid dreams. Why take mine?
Barry: But this one encompasses all of them. First, I wow the crowd with my lyrical gymnastics, thus getting signed to a major record label.
Erica: That's crazy.
Barry: Second, I drop the mic, pick up a hockey stick. The Flyers Wives see my hockey skills and immediately sign me to their husbands' team.
Erica: That's even crazier.
Barry: Third, I drop the hockey stick, pick up a stethoscope, save the charity by curing cancer right there on the ice!
Erica: You will not ruin my legitimate dream with your three ridiculous ones. You're not in the band!

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