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Quote from Murray in I Coulda Been a Lawyer

Murray: Hey. I, um, read your essay.
Barry: Let me guess. I'm a moron for telling the truth.
Murray: You really are, but I loved it anyway.
Barry: Seriously?
Murray: Yeah. It moved me.
Barry: Why? All I did was talk about getting my heart shattered and how this year was a total waste.
Murray: Barry, what you wrote was honest and real, and it shows how much you've grown, and that's more important than anything you can put on some stupid college resume.
Barry: Important enough to get me into Tufts?
Murray: You know, I think it's time we stop worrying about all that stuff.
Barry: But I know college is the only thing you care about.
Murray: You know, there's one thing I care about more. You.

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