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Quote from Coach Mellor in The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Beverly: I don't get it. Murray usually destroys the kids' dreams, but for some reason, this one time, he's on board.
Coach Mellor: Well, unfortunately, your husband is suffering from what we in the athletic community call "sports goggles." "Sports goggles" are when a father gets so swept up by the promise of his son's athleticism, he's unable to see his own child's limitations.
Beverly: Interesting. I have never heard of that.
Coach Mellor: Well, it's not unlike the thick "mom goggles" that you strap on every day that prevents you from seeing the staggering mediocrity of your children.
Beverly: Please. I would never be so blind as to think that Barry could become a Philly. A professional model, sure, or doctor or doctor-model.

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