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Quote from Murray in Geoff the Pleaser

Geoff: So brilliant! So, what's P?
Murray: It's the thing I'm most proud of. Pants.
Geoff: Pants?
Murray: Why do you think I come in the house and take off my pants?
Geoff: I assumed it had to do with comfort and generally just giving up.
Murray: Yes, but also, who's the least likely person to be asked to do anything?
Geoff: Oh, my God. The guy with no pants.
Pops: Hey, Mur, could you give me a ride to the pharmacy... Oh, he's not even wearing pants. I'll bus it.
Geoff: My God. You have given me such a gift!
Murray: It's my life's work. Don't waste it. Get out there and do as little as you can.
Geoff: I'm gonna do nothing and make you proud.

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