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Quote from Murray in The Living Room: A 100% True Story

Barry: Since when do you walk or wear sneakers or participate in life?
Murray: Here's the deal. Every year after I see the doctor, your mom forces me to do some stupid new exercise fad.
Barry: Since when? I've never seen that.
Murray: Exactly! Right before we start working out, I bombard your mom with a year's worth of compliments.
Barry: So you don't compliment the lady all year long?
Murray: No, I save it all for this very moment. And it gets her all flustered and distracted, and that's when I ask her out for a big, fancy lobster dinner.
Barry: Why?
Murray: Your mom forgets all about exercising, and I get to dump ocean meat into hot butter.
Barry: But they list lobster as market price on the menu. You say they're vague on purpose to rip you off.
Murray: Oh, it's so worth it, man. I don't want to exercise.

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