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Quote from Barry in The Strangest Affair of All Time

Beverly: It's starting! A window into my palatial life is starting!
Vic: Ooh! [music plays on television] Ohh! Lack of preamble! They start the show with a slap?! Oh, the appeal is evident.
Adam: Classic TV slap. See how she uses her downstage hand? Totally fakes the untrained eye.
Barry: We'll show ya. How dare you steal my yacht?! [play slaps Adam]
Vic: He's delightfully added context to the violence!
Adam: You're sleeping with my chauffeur?! [play slaps Barry]
Erica: Nice! We're playing slapsies? I want in on this.
Barry: No, no, no, no! [Erica slaps Barry] Wrong hand!
Beverly: Oh!

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