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Quote from Murray in You Only Die Once, or Twice, But Never Three Times

Beverly: Did you know he's been sleeping at the store?
Murray: He mentioned it. Something about his life falling apart.
Beverly: Do you even listen to people when they talk?
Murray: Fine, I'll ask. What's your deal, Pajama Jim?
Formica Mike: Fran and I are taking a little time apart.
Murray: And now I know.
Erica: Okay, can you guys take your super strong friendship somewhere else? I'm trying to write my vows here.
Formica Mike: Vows? For what?
Erica: My wedding? Wow, you guys really don't talk.
Murray: And that's why we're the fourth-highest-grossing discount furniture store in the township.
Erica: That doesn't seem great.

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