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Quote from Barry in Tennis People

Erica: Well, looks like Geoff is spending an extra couple days in Miami with your grandma.
Barry: Uh-oh.
Joanne: You poor thing.
Erica: What are you two dopes saying?
Joanne: [imitates dialling phone] Boop-boop-boop-boop boop-boop-boop.
Barry: Hello? It's Miami Jefe.
Joanne: "Jefe"? You changed your name?
Barry: I changed a lot of things. I live on a cigarette boat now with Dan Marino and a sassy alligator.
Joanne: [scoffs] Well, I'm just in my parents' basement with my stupid bangs.
Erica: Hey.
Barry: I'm leaving you to party with Daisy Fuentes in Little Havana.
Joanne: [sobs] Bye.
Barry: Click! [Barry and Joanne high-five and slap each other]
Erica: Hey, you know what? Let me get in on that, actually. [slaps Barry]
Barry: What?

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