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Quote from Adam in Have a Summer

Adam: Hey, Big Tasty, we need to talk.
Barry: Whatever. Just stay away. Not that I'm scared of you, but, please, don't put hands on me.
Adam: Come on, dude, we both know the only reason I could body-slam you was the summer solstice.
Barry: Summer what?
Adam: You know, the one day a year when the moon is closest to the earth, which means there's less gravity?
Barry: There is?
Adam: Yes. That's how a nerd like me suddenly had super strength. It's science.
Barry: Science, you say? Like the kind with scientists?
Adam: Oh, sure! With white lab coats and clipboards and safety goggles.
Barry: Beakers?
Adam: Tons of beakers, yeah.
Barry: They hold them upto the light and nod?
Adam: How else would they see the chemicals?
Barry: I knew there was no way that happened for real.

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