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Quote from Beverly in Couple Off

Beverly: I'll open your soda. I know how delicate your little fingies are.
Adam: This is not how she usually does it.
Beverly: True. Forgot your swirly straw. Adam has very delicate lips, as I'm sure you and I both know.
Brea: What a fun thing we share. I'm gonna head to work.
Adam: Brea, baby, I may have some creature comforts, but I put on my track jackets just like anyone else... one arm at a time.
Beverly: Oh, no. Are you cold, schmooey?
Adam: Dammit, Mom. I'm just proving a point.
Beverly: But, yes, I am slightly chilly.
Adam: Ow. Just got my thumb stuck. No biggie.
Beverly: Okay, I can't take it anymore. My baby is slightly chilly.
Adam: Not in front of my special girl!
Beverly: You heard him, Brea. Hit the bricks.

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