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Quote from Beverly in Quaker Warden

Adam: Mom, you left the car running and the door open.
Beverly: I'm not going anywhere until these ugly-ass snickerdoodles are out of my face.
Principal Ball: Whoa! Mrs. Goldberg, these are the new freshman moms. It's time to pass the torch.
Beverly: Or I take that torch and I burn this school to the ground.
Principal Ball: Beverly, Adam is a senior now, and with no other offspring at William Penn, that means, hallelujah, your time is up.
Beverly: Fine, these frumpy cows can handle the bake sale. I'll just, uh, organize the blood drive again.
Principal Ball: Well, we're going with licensed nurses this year. I never want to have to write the words "missing blood" on an insurance form again.
Beverly: Then I'll grab a yellow vest and be the crossing guard.
Principal Ball: I fear that the parents and faculty would be too tempted to run you over.
Adam: And don't forget all the kids who can drive.

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