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Quote from Vivian in Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Part 1)

Philip: Do you have any idea what you could've cost me this evening, huh? Did you even consider my feelings before you went prancing out there on that stage?
Vivian: Philip.
Philip: Wait, Vivian. Do you have any sense of the embarrassment I suffered?
All: No.
Ashley: But, Daddy, we were all wearing the same-
Vivian: Nobody embarrassed you, Philip. And the only one who's not considering other people's feelings in this house is you.


 ‘Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Part 1)’ Quotes

Quote from Geoffrey

Philip: Geoffrey, would lay my clothes out for this evening and get some flowers and candy here ASAP.
Vivian: That man is on thin ice.
Geoffrey: I'll alert the fish.

Quote from Geoffrey

Will: Good morning, Ash.
Ashley: What's good about it?
Will: What's good about it? Who did they just make assistant head counter girl at Dippity Do Dog, huh?
Ashley: Oh, please. I hate my job. It's dirty, it's demeaning, and I have to work for a bunch of ingrates.
Geoffrey: You'll get used to it.

Quote from Carlton

Carlton: I'm gonna fade into the background if you don't get some highlighter on my cheekbones. Use number seven. And, blend, man, blend.