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Quote from Carlton in Who's the Boss

Will: Look around, man. The Peacock is a place where people just come to kick it, man. To relax. You know, get away from the pressures of class. If you start hassling them, they'll go somewhere else.
Carlton: Where? The closest competition is three blocks off campus. Look, don't you see, Will? We've got these people by the textbooks. We can charge and pretty much do whatever we want.
Will: This is like sex to you, isn't it?
Carlton: Yes.


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Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Daddy, I have the greatest idea. If I watch the weather in New York I'll have a three-hour jump on the competition.
Philip: Honey, that might not work every time.
Philip: Listen, when you drove to work today you didn't by any chance go down Sunset Boulevard, did you?
Hilary: Oh, I couldn't. It was backed up for miles. And everyone was honking like it was New Year's Eve. "Chance of snow and a minus three wind chill." Well, my work is done. I'm going shopping.
Philip: Sweetheart, I've thought it over, you know, and you're right. I'm gonna put an end this newsletter business. In fact, I'm gonna head down to the law library and get right to work.
Hilary: Thank you, Daddy. Now, dress warm, it's gonna snow.

Quote from Hilary

Philip: Sweetheart, it's commendable that you wanna improve your skills. You don't have to impress those newsletter people.
Hilary: I don't want to impress them. I want to smack them. Daddy, you're a judge. Can't you just throw them in jail or something?
Philip: Sweetheart, the worst thing you can do is blow this thing out of proportion. Now, if you ignore it, it will probably go away. Did you really refer to Hurricane Robert as Bobby?
Hilary: Well, Robert just sounded so serious.
Philip: It was serious, darling. It wiped out half of Miami.
Hilary: Well, excuse me for trying to spread a little sunshine.

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Well, where did you get this thing?
Ashley: They were passing them out at school.
Will: Hey, hey, hey. What's that?
Hilary: The I Hate Hilary newsletter.
Will: "Dedicated to the premise that weathercaster Hilary Banks is a... boob."
Hilary: Get to the insulting part.
Will: "Hilary Banks doesn't know the difference between a cirrus cloud and a cumulus cloud." What is the difference?
Hilary: Will, look around. Do you see my TelePrompTer here? "Hilary's knowledge of the weather is as skimpy as those ridiculous outfits she wears on the air." I mean, it's one thing to attack my performance, but my wardrobe? I don't think so.