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Quote from Hilary in Who's the Boss

Hilary: Well, where did you get this thing?
Ashley: They were passing them out at school.
Will: Hey, hey, hey. What's that?
Hilary: The I Hate Hilary newsletter.
Will: "Dedicated to the premise that weathercaster Hilary Banks is a... boob."
Hilary: Get to the insulting part.
Will: "Hilary Banks doesn't know the difference between a cirrus cloud and a cumulus cloud." What is the difference?
Hilary: Will, look around. Do you see my TelePrompTer here? "Hilary's knowledge of the weather is as skimpy as those ridiculous outfits she wears on the air." I mean, it's one thing to attack my performance, but my wardrobe? I don't think so.

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