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Quote from Will in Six Degrees of Graduation

Will: G, I am this close to not graduating, man. I think my music teacher has got it out for me. She's trying to force me to make up 10 hours. Come on, it ain't like I got a future in music or nothing.


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Mrs. Bassin: Now what was Antonio Vivaldi trying to tell us in this concerto?
Will: [to a girl] Come on, baby, I'm saying, "Bing-bang- bluesy, me and you in the Jacuzzi." What's up?
Mrs. Bassin: Mr. Smith. The concerto? What was Vivaldi saying?
Will: Well, actually, Mrs. Bassin, I'm glad you asked me that. [clears throats] Vivaldi, or "Vival Dee" as it is pronounced in some European circles, I believe he was commenting on man's inhumanity toward man. That we, citizens of America, the richest country on this planet, have a moral obligation that goes far beyond buying the newest car or purchasing the latest Naughty By Nature CD. If one child goes hungry, we must feed it. If one child shivers, we must shelter it. And I, for one believe the brother knew what he was talking about.
Mrs. Bassin: Vivaldi died in 1741 before there was a United States.
Will: But the dream is alive.

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Will: Mrs. Bassin, I'm sorry, I was acting silly today. I'll make it up tomorrow.
Mrs. Bassin: Eh, too little too late. Will, I'm going to have to fail you.
Will: Ooh, ooh. Whoa, whoa. The "F" word. Why?
Mrs. Bassin: You missed half the semester.
Will: What's your point?
Mrs. Bassin: Will, you have 10 classes to make up and only five before graduation.
Will: Listen, Mrs. Bassin, I'm telling you, I'll make up the work. Come on, I have to graduate.
Mrs. Bassin: I'm sorry, but you have no one to blame but yourself.
Will: Listen, Mrs. Bassin, I don't think you understand. My Mom is flying out from Philly to see me graduate. I mean, the woman that gave me life. And if I don't graduate, she'll take it back.

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Carlton: Guess what? I'm the class valedictorian.
Hilary: Oh. [hugs Carlton] What does that mean?
Will: I believe it's Latin for "little short midget with a square head."

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Quote from Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse

Will: Hey, you know what, you ain't got to do nothing, Uncle Phil. You know, it ain't like I'm still 5 years old, you know. It ain't like I'm going to be sitting up every night asking my mom: "When's Daddy coming home?" You know, who needs him? He wasn't there to teach me how to shoot my first basket, but I learned, didn't I? And I got pretty good at it too, didn't I, Uncle Phil?
Philip: Yeah, you did.
Will: Got through my first date without him, right? I learned how to drive. I learned how to shave. I learned how to fight without him. I had 14 great birthdays without him. He never even sent me a damn card. To hell with him! I didn't need him then and I don't need him now.
Philip: Will-
Will: No, you know what, Uncle Phil? I'm gonna get through college without him. I'm gonna get a great job without him. I'm going to marry me a beautiful honey, and I'm gonna have me a whole bunch of kids and I'm gonna be a better father than he ever was. And I sure as hell don't need him for that, because there ain't a damn thing he could ever teach me about how to love my kids. How come he don't want me, man?

Quote from I, Done (Part 2)

Carlton: So, Will, you haven't told me about your new place.
Will: Oh. Yeah, yeah. Uh, you know, I'm moving in soon. You know, right now they putting a Jacuzzi in and they getting the mirrors on the roof.
Carlton: So what, it's kind of a fixer-upper?
Will: Oh, no, no. No, not at all, man. Yo, this place is huge. I mean, we got floor-to-ceiling walls and wall-to-wall floors. Man, yo, it's the bomb.

Quote from Father Knows Best

Miss Sharpe: Well, will Mrs. Banks be joining us?
Will: Uh, no, I'm single. I mean, um, Ashley's mother ran out on us. Ashley was but a mere tyke at the time. I had to be both Mommy and Daddy. We went from training wheels to training bras. They both came off too soon, didn't they, kitten?