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Quote from Philip in Just Say Yo

Will: Those pills that Carlton took, um, they were from my locker.
Philip: What?
Will: Look, Uncle Phil, I was just keeping them in case I needed them.
Philip: How could you be so stupid? You know you shouldn't be messing with drugs.
Will: I know, Uncle Phil. Somebody gave them to me at school. I mean, I didn't mean for Carlton to take them. I didn't even know if I was going to take them. I'm sorry, Uncle Phil.
Philip: Sorry? My son could have died because of you.
Will: Look, I know, Uncle Phil, that's all I've been thinking about. I mean, you gotta believe me. I didn't mean to hurt him.
Philip: Yeah, well, you did. You hurt him, and you could have hurt yourself.
Will: I know, Uncle Phil, I mean... But, look, I had basketball practice, and school, and I had work and everything.
Philip: Well, welcome to the real world, Will. That's not an excuse. There's never an excuse. You owe this family an apology. Vivian! Kids!

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