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Quote from Philip in Best Laid Plans

Philip: Look, Will, driving is serious business. Well, these days you got to think about safety. You never want to go for a ride in a car without your seat belt. And use your brakes. Don't floor it because then you throw a rod, you flood your carburetor, you crack your block. You understand what I'm saying?
Will: No, man.
Philip: No sex before marriage.
Will: Come on, Uncle Phil, this is the '90s, man.
Philip: Take a cold shower.
Will: I've been doing that since the '80s. It don't work no more.
Philip: Look, Will, I know I'm talking to teenage hormones from hell, but if you care about this young lady, you don't want to do anything to damage the relationship. And intimacy requires a real commitment.
Will: Uncle Phil, I'm saying, Uncle Phil. We both mens here, you know? We got ugly needs.
Philip: Will, you're a grown man. I can't watch you all the time. I'm just going to have to rely on you to do the right thing.

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