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Quote from Geoffrey in Hilary Gets a Life

Geoffrey: Miss Hilary, you can't go through life quitting everything. You'll never achieve anything unless you stick with something. And you should stick with this because you've done a truly remarkable job on this party. Can't remember when I've seen you this happy.
Hilary: Yeah, but, Geoffrey, what difference does it make? I mean, do you really see Cindy saying: "Wow, you've just got to meet my friend, Hilary Banks. She can sculpt cauliflower into a bust of Barbra Streisand!"
Geoffrey: There's nothing demeaning about serving others, young lady. I'm very good at my job and in that I take great pride.
Hilary: I'm not as strong as you are, Geoffrey.
Geoffrey: Oh, no? Well, I had a hand in raising you, Miss Hilary and if I do say so myself, Geoffrey don't raise no fools. Now if you love this job as much as I think you do go out there, pick up a tray and enter that room as if you were the Queen of England.
Hilary: But she's so dowdy. Can I be Princess Caroline instead?
Geoffrey: [nods] Get busy, Princess.

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