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Quote from Will in Clubba Hubba

Mimi: Look, before you get yourself all worked up into a lather, I just would like to say this. I am sick of you white-washed, preppy stuffed shirts.
Will: What?
Dr. Mumford: Look, I don't need some stooge who's going to play up to my father. I want a real man. Someone dangerous. Someone exciting. Someone from the streets. [Will laughs] What's so funny?
Will: Yo, baby. Yo, baby. Yo, baby. Yo, baby. Yo, your prince is in effect, baby. I'm not down with this preppy nonsense. Carlton told me to do this. Yo, baby, I'm definitely straight out the 'hood.
Mimi: That was the worst homeboy act I've ever heard.
Will: This is not an act. This is the real deal.

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