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Quote from Vivian in Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Part 1)

Vivian: Philip, it's Valentine's Day.
Philip: Valentine's Day? I knew that. And we'll still be together.
Vivian: What about the ballet?
Philip: Well, I didn't know it was gonna conflict with the Republican fundraiser. This isn't something that we should miss.
Vivian: But a night alone with your wife is?
Philip: Vivian, you're being unfair. I didn't know about this until a little while ago.
Vivian: Unfair? I'll tell you what's unfair. For the past few months, we've had no time together. We finally get some time together and you cancel.
Philip: I know. I know, sweetheart. It's just that things are a little hectic right now.
Vivian: Things are always hectic, Philip. But you always seem to find time for your career.

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