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Quote from Carlton in To Thine Own Self Be Blue...and Gold

Carlton: Hilary?
Hilary: Carlton, what are you doing here?
Carlton: I'm meeting my date. Wait a minute, what are you doing here?
Hilary: I'm meeting my date. What a small world. Now, get away. Hershey's Kiss should be here any minute.
Carlton: Hershey's Kiss? Oh, for crying out loud, Hilary, I'm Hershey's Kiss.
Hilary: You too? Well, what are the odds?
Carlton: Hilary, work with me here. I'm Hershey's Kiss, you're Brown Sugar, we're here to date each other.
Hilary: What are you saying?
Carlton: I'm dating my own sister! [everyone in the restaurant stares] my favorite country Western song.

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