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Quote from Will in A Night at the Oprah

Will: Oh, and by the way, Uncle Phil... I don't remember if I told you or not, but when I dropped the tape off at the editor, I just, you know, authorized a few last minute changes.
Philip: You authorized a few...? Nobody gave you permission to authorize any changes.
Will: No, but it's cool, Uncle Phil, you're going to love it. Here it comes.
Philip: [on TV] Hi, I'm Philip Banks, and I'm running for Superior Court J-J-J-Judge. [footage of Uncle Phil partying]
Philip: What the hell is that?
Vivian: That was our New y ear's Eve party.
Will: Oh, Uncle Phil, you know, I just put in a couple of home movies you know, to show your human side. It gets better, check it out.
Philip: [on TV] And if you put me on the bench, I'll take a real bite out of crime. Bite, Bite, Bite. [footage of Uncle Phil eating pizza] Vote for Philip Banks. Philip Banks. Philip Banks.
Will: [laughs, cheers] Emmy! Hey, so what do you think, Uncle Phil?
[Uncle Phil throws Will out of the house, a la Jazz]

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