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Quote from Geoffrey in Cased Up

Will: Man, Jazz, I can't believe this. The malls are closing in 15 minutes. The bus stop's gonna be packed with honeys. And the Rapmobile is on ice. How Uncle Phil gonna play me?
Jazz: Hilary's an ignorant somebody. She ain't even call me to tell me she quit me. I deserve that much. I'm a man.
Will: That's what I'm saying. I'm a man, too. But Uncle Phil's an extremely bigger man.
Jazz: Two can play at that game. I got an idea. The malls are closing. Let's cruise down there in your new ride and pick up some honeys.
Will: Hold up. Hold up. [Geoffrey walks into the room] Are you telling me that I should disobey my Uncle and do something that he specifically told me not to do? It won't be the first time. Posse out. [they exit]
Geoffrey: A wise butler sees nothing, hears nothing and takes detailed notes for his book. [crashing sounds] Ah, another chapter.

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